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About Us

What is Travelgoat?

Glad you asked! If you've gotten this far, it shows you're an avid explorer. Travelgoat is a travel community made up of people just like you, discovering, with the help of our core group of experienced guides and each other, new ways to tour and satisfy your curiosity about cities. The site offers everything from fully customizable personal tours -- YourTour -- to easy-to-download audio tours to offbeat tales about places off the beaten path. Share your stories of adventure and wonder and help Travelgoat make urban exploration easier, more fun and more affordable.

Where do I begin?

Begin where trips always begin, with a destination. If you haven't decided on one, check out our stories section [hot link] -- and get inspired.

Know where you're going? Plan a personal tour -- YourTour -- with the help of one of our experienced guides. Between our long list of guided tours and our extensive library of easy-to-download audio tours, Travelgoat covers over 400 locations in 4 destination cities with more to come.

If you are ready to share, become a travelgoater. Once registered, you will be free to share your own thoughts, tips, photos, videos, stories and tours with the rest of the community.

We can't wait for you to join us at Travelgoat, where we promise to help you find the path best traveled.

The shepherds:

Zachary Aarons, CEO

A passionate traveler who happily mapped out itineraries for his friends, Zachary Aarons joined Travelgoat in September 2006 as its first employee. Now he is responsible for much of its day-to-day operations, overseeing all of Travelgoat's content and partnerships. An ancient history major in college, Aarons especially loves touring historical sites around the world. His real dream, however, is to become a world-renowned New York City historian. Until then, he settles for his favorite pastime, wandering the streets of the city and satisfying his fascination with historical plaques, an obsession that baffles everyone at Travelgoat.

Jason Safro, CTO

With over a decade of Web development experience, Jason Safro not only makes sure the Travelgoat site runs smoothly, but that its tools and features grow along with its community. From humble beginnings in 1997, Safro worked his way up to senior developer for Ultra Logistics, a logistics management service. While there, Safro designed applications that handled over $60 million in freight annually for major corporations including L'Oreal, Anchor Glass, Kraft and K-Mart. Safro has experience with election management, data mining, web marketing and SEO, too. When he's not holed up in front of a computer, he likes scuba diving, travel and Thai boxing.

Stuart Schultz, Co-Founder

Stuart Schultz co-founded Travelgoat in Summer 2004. Why? Traveling across China, he had this sneaking suspicion he was missing out. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he didn't understand a word anyone was saying. At the time, he wished he could have had a personalized tour guide -- preferably pocket-sized. Travelgoat was developed to be just such a travel companion. Schultz also felt like he had something to give back. A native New Yorker, the city has always been Schultz's playground. Through Travelgoat, he's been able to share his native knowledge with other avid travelers. His favorite part of the Big Apple: The disco roller skaters in Central Park. Unfortunately, he is not yet brave enough to leave the spectators and join the roller dancers.

Justin Pattner, Co-Founder

A global traveler with an active mind for business, Justin Pattner co-founded Travelgoat in Summer 2004. Born and raised in New Jersey, he has spent a great deal of time traveling the world fulfilling his passion for peoples, cultures and systems. For recreation, Justin likes to lurk in the depths of the botanical gardens of the East Village. Amongst other goals, he wants to record the first Travelgoat story perched on top of Everest.

Artie Niederhoffer, Editor-in-Chief

Artie joined Travelgoat in the fall of 2010 after she graduated from Colorado College where she studied English. Her interests and experiences include writing and reading, teaching and editing, traveling and exploring. Artie is in charge of all the content on the website. She believes that Travelgoat can improve your daily life and travel experiences by teaching you your city's stories. She currently lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and takes pleasure in the view of the Manhattan skyline.

Morgan Smith, Managing Editor

Morgan joined Travelgoat in 2010 to assist the editorial team. She was born in South Carolina and currently resides in Daytona Beach, Florida. Travelgoat's resident pilot, Morgan currently studies aviation at the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. When she is not developing new initiatives for the company, she is flying airplanes of all sizes.

Cory Deist, Editor-at-Large

Cory joined Travelgoat in 2008, spearheading content development initiatives. He was born in Baltimore and raised in Lancaster County, PA. From a young age he traveled a lot for various reasons, and spent many years as a nomad. As an undergraduate at Franklin and Marshall he studied Anthropology and spent time abroad in Japan. Travelgoat lets him combine all of his favorite hobbies into one venue, including comedy, nightlife, music, radio, history, culture, and most importantly travel! One of the skills he lacks is photography. Thankfully, Antonia Nania, our trusty photographer, handles that area. Stick around to see where the adventures take us!

Nancy Whitman, PR Specialist

Nancy Whitman joined Travelgoat in 2010 as a public relations specialist navigating the ever-changing media industry. Bringing more than five years of experience in consumer, entertainment, non-profit, technology, and sports PR, Whitman drives Travelgoat’s PR initiatives with key publications and press contacts to secure media coverage. Originally from New Jersey with time spent in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Heidelberg, Germany and now New York, Whitman is a perpetual nomad who always has a suitcase packed and ready for the next trip.