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Travelgoat Tours: 3 great ways to tour like a local!
Your Tour
With the help of our experienced staff of guides, create the tour of your dreams customized to suit your interests and schedule.
Your Tour
Want to visit only certain locations? Have an unusual schedule? A large group? Fully customize your own tour with the help of our veteran guides.
custom tour custom tour With Travelgoat's help:
  • Pick the attractions you want to see
  • Create your own itinerary
  • Make it work around your schedule
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My New York Tour Guide
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Guided Tours
Better informed than the natives and more fun than the locals, our veteran guides will lead you on expertly crafted tours in each city.

This tour showcases various locations from the troubled life and times of Evelyn Nesbit. Known in...

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Evelyn Nesbit: Teenage Starlet Tour
April 26, 2011

This tour commemorates art spaces that were no less significant for also being intentionally transient....

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Temporary art spaces of the past
January 7, 2011

Learn more than you ever need to know about coffee thanks to a competitive culture of coffee snobs...

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December 15, 2010

Travel in the footsteps of New York's most famous wanderin' man.

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The New York of Bob Dylan
December 15, 2010

This tour is composed of audio recordings that participants took during leisurely strolls through...

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Flaneurs in Williamsburg
October 31, 2010

This walking tour will take you to one of New York City's most well known boroughs, Staten Island.

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Walking Tour: Staten Island
September 21, 2010
Audio Tours
If you like to go at your own pace or you're working on a tight budget, our library of easy-to-download audio tours is for you.

This tour describes places that hosted art in unofficial, temporary, or spontaneous ways. The featured...

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No Longer Empty Temporary Art Spaces Tour
May 4, 2011

Travelgoat, in collaboration with Jewish Women's Archive, has put together a downloadable audio tour...

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Triangle Factory Fire Tour
March 9, 2011
City: Boston

Boston has more than 100 colleges and universities within it's greater area. While we can't take you...

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More than 100 places?!?
June 12, 2010
City: Atlanta

As we've said before, Atlanta has something for everyone! This tour will take you to a few of the...

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Something for Everyone: LGBT Atlanta
June 9, 2010
City: Boston

On this tour, you'll see where many influential rock bands got their start in Boston. The Mighty,...

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Rock Revolutions in Boston
May 10, 2010
City: Boston

Before Boston expanded, the Boston Neck was only 120 feet across at high tide. Now, many historical...

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The Expanded Boston Neck
May 10, 2010